Restorative Workshops

As professional midwifery advocates (PMA’s), we truly believe in the power of a restorative approach to tackling difficult issues within maternity care.


We have created a programme that implements the Advocating for Education and Quality Improvement (A-EQUIP) model as a cultural safety framework to impact individual and systemic change.


Black women have a 4 fold increase in mortality rates in the UK and are twice as likely to experience a still birth than white women. Systemic disparities permeate every level of our society, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, and the statistics in the MBRRACE 2020 report would argue that maternity care is no different.


We have developed restorative workshops with a focus on identifying unconscious bias, challenging workplace culture, and promoting culturally safe practice. The workshops are delivered in a series of restorative circles, to create a “safe space” for midwives to embark on a reflective process, promoting introspection surrounding the topic of race.


Midwives will be encouraged to reflect on how the culture of a workplace can be influenced by personal and professional bias and how changes to day to day practice can lead to meaningful change. We will explore what culturally safe practice means and how midwives can implement strategic tools to ensure that service provision is culturally appropriate and inclusive.


To work effectively these workshops will run over a full day comprising of reflective circles in the morning, followed by an educational talk and finishing after lunch with discussion and a final reflective circle.

Our work will aim to explore the intersection of structural inequality, racism, mental/health wellbeing and institutional practices. 

This will be achieved through:

  • Exploring unconscious bias in a safe and supportive space

  • Exploring what is structural and institutional racism

  • Examining how structural racism and prejudices can be manifested in maternity care.  

  • Discussions on the micro-meso-macro links between the above and how these affect care.

  • Education and discussion on the history of Black women and maternity/obstetric practices.

  • Assessing the impact of, and lived experience of racial oppression.

  • Consider how intersectionality impacts on women’s experiences of maternity care in the UK

  • Exploring what it means to be culturally safe

  • Applying practical strategies to provide culturally safe care

  • Practical anti- racist tools to facilitate advocacy and allyship 

These sessions can be facilitated online.

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