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 What is the MyMidwives Initiative? 

Within the UK, our most recent MBRRACE-UK report shows us that black pregnant women continue to be over four times more likely to die during pregnancy and in the year after childbirth than white women.

In addition to this, black women are twice as likely to experience a stillbirth than white women.

Furthermore, during the current pandemic, the evidence shows us that black and ethnically diverse groups are disproportionately dying from coronavirus compared with white people.

These, and many other recent reports, repeatedly highlight that black people in the UK are experiencing inequality in our healthcare system.


Systemic racism permeates every level of our society, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, and the statistics would argue that maternity care is no different. 


 ‘MyMidwivesInitiative’ is our campaign to reduce racial inequalities in maternity care.

The goal of our initiative is to create up a safe space for midwives and student midwives to examine systemic racism and explore any conscious or unconscious bias that can impact on our practice.


Through the facilitation of workshops structured around restorative circles, we will encourage midwives to take a reflective approach to their own beliefs and any potential conscious or unconscious bias that may affect their practice and the pregnant people in their care.

The topic of race is an uncomfortable subject for many, and whilst we want to challenge midwives to examine their own personal bias, and therefore change practice, this must be nurtured in a supportive manner. Allowing midwives to become conscious of what positive change can be implemented within day to day practice. 

By opening the conversation amongst midwives and raising awareness of the issues that women from black and multi ethnic communities face, we can together improve maternity care.

As part of our commitment to improving women’s health we  continue to provide education via our social media platforms and are currently developing a project within Greater Manchester to improve access to services for black and minority ethnic communities.

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In order to be an advocate, we must be an ally.


This work is not comfortable.


This work is necessary.


You can support our initiative and help us to provide our restorative workshops widely by purchasing a candle through the below link.

All purchases of our myNOIR candle will always go to supporting our funding for these workshops.