myAFFIRMATION Collection

Many of the people on our caseload use affirmations through their pregnancy and as a part of their birth preparation journey.


Through self affirmation, you are encouraged to create a positive narrative surrounding your pregnancy, labour and postnatal journey; preparing your mind, body and birth space for your labour.

The use of affirmations has been globally accepted to be beneficial in increasing self confidence and leading to a greater sense of empowerment, by reprogramming your subconscious mind to improve self-esteem and overall positivity. 


After training in aromatherapy for pregnancy and childbirth, we have had first hand experience of the amazing benefits aromatherapy brings and seen the incredible effects of incorporating essential oils into our day to day practice as midwives. 


We have partnered up with the amazing Holistic Earth to create our “myAffirmation Collection” so that the benefits of aromatherapy can be used safely in conjunction with your birth preparation.